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Colonial Lumber reclaimed wood is popular for many reasons, the wood's unique appearance and its contribution to green building with the history of the wood's origins, and the wood physical characteristics such as strength with the stability and durability. Phone ask for availability. Building a warehouse or need one torn down or if you have a barn that is an eyesore or want to improvement the land-the call and estimate or FREE P-1-240-321-1205

Barn Wood For Sale


Reclaimed beams can be sawn into wider planks than newly harvested lumber, and many companies report that their products are more stable than newly cut wood because reclaimed wood has been exposed to changes in humidity for far longer and is therefore more stable, allowing it to be used with radiant heating systems. In some cases, the timbers from which the boards were cut had been naturally expanding and contracting for over a century in their previous installation. Radiant heat, with its low temperatures and even distribution affects the wood flooring the same way, but the impact is much less dramatic with antique wood than newly sawn wood because antique wood has already been through this cycle for years.

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3/4" Reclaimed Oak Flooring, T&G

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Lumber and wood for sale for your next craft ideas are wood rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses mix of oak,chestnut,polar,hickory and pine timbers. Reclaimed beams can be sawn into wide planks. Drawbacks with reclaimed material being so poplar it is becoming harder and harder to find. Reclaimed lumber sometimes has embedded, broken nails.Barn Wood




barn wood for sale